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Request for Pay Duty Officers

To request Pay Duty Officers, please fill out this form. You will then be contacted by a member of DRPS to finalize/approve the booking and request payment. (Note: payment must be made in advance of the booking date.)

Request Details


For details on the types of events, please visit


Alcohol Served

Officers and Cruisers Required

For every 4 Officers booked, 1 will be a Sergeant. A total fee will be sent to you after the completion of this form. 


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Terms of Agreement

1) Durham Regional Police are under no obligation to provide 'Pay Duty' officers or vehicles.

2) The applicant acknowledges having reviewed and accepted the charges set out above.

3) The applicant acknowledges that the application will not be accepted unless it is accompanied by full payment to Durham Regional Police Service at least seven (7) days in advance of the requested duty.

4) Any additional charges incurred by the applicant shall be due and payable the first business day after the pay duty is performed. Overdue accounts will bear interest at 2% per month.

5) The applicant acknowledges that it is responsible for a cancellation fee for any pay duty cancelled less than twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled pay duty equal to a three (3) hour payment for each officer assigned at the rates set out above plus the administration fee. To cancel during business hours email the Pay Duty Clerk at To cancel after business hours call 905-579-1520 ext 0 to speak with a Sgt on duty who will let the assigned officer know of the cancellation. Applicant must get confirmation from Pay Duty Clerk or Sgt on duty that pay duty has been cancelled, otherwise 3 hour minimum payment will still apply.

6) Police officers assigned to the pay duty shall perform only police-related duties and shall not be called upon to assist the applicant in any respect not ordinarily within the purview of an officer's duties. During the duration of the pay duty, officers remain in the employ of, and are under the direction of the Durham Regional Police Service.

7) The applicant covenants and agrees for itself, its successors and assignees, that it shall forever release, remise, and discharge the Durham Regional Police Service, the Durham Regional Police Services Board, the Chief of Police, the officers in question, and The Corporation of the Regional Municipality of Durham, from any claims, costs, injuries, damages, renovation costs, business losses or any losses that may arise from the pay duty or the early termination of the pay duty, and shall not bring any action, suit, or proceeding against any of the above-named parties arising from the pay duty or the early termination of the pay duty.

8) The number of officers for an event will be assessed according to the nature of the pay duty.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I have read and accept the Terms of Agreement above.

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